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Description: Make (like Tetris) horizontal or vertical lines complete to clear the flowerfield! Press space to turn the flowers!

Category: Action
Number of Times Played: 644


Name: Pink Panic
Description: One angry Teddy has enough of valentine's spirit

Category: Action
Number of Times Played: 632

Pink Panic

Name: Ball Pain
Description: In 'Ball Pain', you control a small red ball which falls downwards due to gravity. There are randomly generated upward rising platforms which prevent the ball reaching the floor, where the game will then be ended. However, if the ball stays on a platform for too long, it will hit he ceiling and the game will again be over. The more movement left and right will increase the score, however dropping down using the down key decreases the score.

Category: Action
Number of Times Played: 749

Ball Pain

Name: The Coffee Party
Description: The man with the moustache over his nose is throwing a big party but all his guests are a bit late! Help them to make it to the party in time by giving them coffee! And don't forget to play with the friendly imaginanimals.

Category: Action
Number of Times Played: 466

The Coffee Par

Name: StumpJumper
Description: Frogger style action! Get to the coin on the other side of the stumps, collect it and then put it in the correct casket. You'll need to hurry on the way back down as the stumps begin to crumble!

Category: Action
Number of Times Played: 1218


Name: Sheep Tycoon Web Edition
Description: Help Ollie make money by selling dairy products.

Category: Action
Number of Times Played: 511

Sheep Tycoon W

Name: Zombie Hunter
Description: The lights are out! You must make it through 10 zombie infested levels searching for guns and the Exit

Category: Action
Number of Times Played: 808

Zombie Hunter

Name: Microbe
Description: A mouse follower with unique scoring and a soundtrack, in microbe you're the paramecium, trying to get food before the amoebas.

Category: Action
Number of Times Played: 494


Name: Hockey - Suburban Goalie
Description: A simple and fun hockey-action game! Enter the role as a suburban hockey goalie and save as many pucks as possible! Try to get PERFECT BONUS on as many levels as possible to reach the leaderboard! Who is the best suburban goalie out there???

Category: Action
Number of Times Played: 2676

Hockey - Subur

Name: Tech Wars
Description: In Tech Wars you will have to fight against Towers throwing you all kind of stuff like radioactive mines or controlled missiles. In a future dominated by machines, you will be alone to fight against its technology in a battleground where waves of powerful towers will show through the ground to destroy you battleship.

Category: Action
Number of Times Played: 1049

Tech Wars

Name: Jump Gear
Description: Jump gear is a kind of BMX jumping game. The game is a race against the time, with many powerups to catch before you can reach the final line.

Category: Action
Number of Times Played: 1219

Jump Gear

Name: The Junk Yard
Description: Running a junkyard can be dangerous business. Your objective in this game is to work as a crane operator and move trashed cars, trucks and buses to the compactor. The trick is stacking the cars so that they don't fall over! During each level you are given a weight quota of vehicles to stack and a limited time to do it in. Aim carefully with the crane and try to stack the cars neatly - the neater the pile the more compact the final product will be (and the more points given). Once you have reached your quota weight, you must then operate the compactor directly to squash the vehicles into a small cube. Try to maximise the power settings for vertical and horizontal compaction to get the best result and score. Good luck, the awesome fate of the junkyard is in your hands.

Category: Action
Number of Times Played: 1493

The Junk Yard

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